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Roller blinds
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bamboo roller blinds
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Roller blinds

Varieties of Roller Blinds

It used to be that European countries led in the manufacture of home and office furnishings and accessories. Nowadays, Asian markets are entering the scene, with products that can give European manufacturers a run for the money. To top it off, they are sold at prices way below what the Europeans are asking for.

Roller blinds, for instance are now supplied by China to the U.S. at prices that can't be beaten. They also come in a wide range of materials and designs to suit every need. When ordered via the Internet, these roller blinds can be shipped within 10-25 days on average.

One of the bestselling roller blinds from Asia are the bamboo roller blinds. Bamboo is rare in Western countries but thrive in Asia, and even when they are handcrafted - in which case you'd expect them to have prohibitive prices - they still cost cheaper than factory-made materials or fabrics for regular roller blinds.

One supplier in China offers bamboo roller blinds in more than 150 patterns. They are offered in various shades, from cream to tan to dark brown, cut in various widths, and show off different patterns in the grain. Wherever these roller blinds are used, they can surely add beauty and class to any room because of the exotic Asian ambience they impart.

Bamboo is the perfect material for roller blinds because a small amount of light can come in through the slats between the bamboo strips. Thus, depending on the intended purpose for these roller blinds, you can choose the snugness of the strips for either light or heavy filtering.

Printed roller blinds are also novel ideas for any room. You can choose from the different models they have in stock, or perhaps you can come across a manufacturer willing to make custom roller blinds for you.

These printed roller blinds are usually made of 100% polyester and are printed with a heat-transfer type method. The usual size is 140 x 200 cm and 140 x 230 cm. Suppliers require a minimum of about 100 pieces per order.

In this day and age, anything is possible. As long as you can meet their price - that is, a fair enough price that can help them recover production costs and still gain a little profit - then a business deal can likely be arranged.

Manufacturers create roller blinds featuring landscapes, enlarged photos of city skylines, and even cartoon prints for classrooms, daycare centers, or children's bedrooms. These roller blinds can either be manually operated or motorized.

Schools and offices would do well with motorized roler blinds, especially if they need to be retracted and drawn frequently. Roller blinds are very effective window treatments for audio-visual rooms, classrooms, or boardrooms where blackout roller blinds should be used for presentations or audio-visual screenings.

New business owners should be penny-wise and make use of cheaper alternatives when furnishing their offices or business establishments. It's impractical to spend hundreds of dollars buying expensive furnishings when you're just starting out. Roller blinds are the most practical choices and are guaranteed to last a long time.

bamboo roller blinds
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bamboo roller blinds